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GBE Power is a UK-based, growing, innovative company with a passion for technology. We pride ourselves on product knowledge, outstanding customer service and manufacturing excellence in several key areas of the Power Electronics Industry.

GBE Group's Power Electronics division is based in our West Sussex headquarters in the UK. As the demand for our Power Electronics design and manufacture services have grown significantly over 30+ years, we decided to establish GBE Power as a separate specialist division of GBE. Demand for this service has grown considerably and growth is certainly set to continue with the worldwide focus on power requirements in the Electric Vehicle (EV), Solar and Wind power generation markets. Alongside our established OEM market for 1-3kW Static Frequency Converters, for existing customers in the aerospace, airline and defence markets, we have expanded our range by building a strong partnership with Sinepower, based in Portugal, so we can offer a fully supported range of products from 1-500kW.

Providing our highly skilled in-house design and manufacturing services, on a subcontract basis, has enabled clients to leverage GBE Powers extensive experience across the sector. It has also further enhanced our portfolio of expertise and lead to some significant design and manufacturing contracts within the oil, EV, life science, industrial, and medical sectors. Work includes power boards for X-ray, PCR, bioreactors, and mass-spectroscopy plus digital interface control electronics.

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All design and manufacturing work is carried out under our robust Quality Management System, which is both accredited ISO9001:2015 and meets vigorous auditing standards set by our key clients. Technical sales and product design specifications are managed in-house, and we can offer on-site set-up and service contracts.

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